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Ragey vent

Dear people of tiny dogs...leash laws apply to you too! Don't act all irritated when I'm taking my dog out and yours isn't on a leash so they come running over yapping at my dog.

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Re: Ragey vent

  • That's the worst! We used to have neighbors that had three freakin' chihuahuas and never put them on leashes. One time all three ran up to my dog while I was locking my door and My dog snapped at them. The owner was ticked. Um, your dogs are off leashes on my property!

    Anyway: I feel your pain. People are ridiculous.
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  • KateMW said:
    Little yappy dogs are Satan's minions.

    KateMW said:
    Little yappy dogs are Satan's minions.
    I must live in hell then because our neighborhood has been invaded by small yappy dogs.  6 families on my street got puppies this year.  They are all some form of small white or gray yappy puff ball.  My 7 year old wants a dog and he insists that it be big and black.
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  • So annoying. My neighbor 2 houses down has 3 of them, who like to bark at the one across the street, who then all like to bark at the German shepherd on the other side of me. I want to move to a pet free neighborhood. I love animals, but when they wake my sleeping baby, I want to murder them all.

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  • DS has only ever been around small dogs. My parents have Carin terriers and they are absolutely the worst dogs I've ever met. (Not the dogs fault, BTW). It's super-annoying to go camping with them because the dogs don't "like" wearing leashes so my folks don't make them.

    A few days ago at a lake a Doberman accosted DS and I while we were strolling by. The dog and owner were both young, but it was still annoying to have this giant dog in my face.

    DS thought it was a horse! Ha! Poor kid has never been around a real dog in his life.
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  • Omg yes. We have neighbors that leave their chihuahua on a 3 ft chain tied on their front porch all day while they are at work. That dang dog yaps ALL.DAY.LONG.

    I've been so tempted to just go unchain it so it will shut up!
  • Was it a Seinfeld episode I am thinking of when they tried to go kidnap the yappy dog??!!  
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  • my favorite is when the little dogs are barking & going crazy at the sight of my 2 bigger dogs & the owner says "oh stop, that dog could eat you alive (or for breakfast)!" yeah, they could, but they're not. on the other hand, i'm having to keep them away from your little ankle biter.
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  • I love how my neighbors are afraid of my dobie mix, but then I get my ass bit off by fluffy mcbarkface down the street...figures
  • People who don't follow leash laws are the worst. The bike trail goes right next to a playground and people always walk their dogs on the bike trail without a leash then they come thundering into the playground. Idiots.
  • I think most people are idiots in regards to their pets.  Just because they are all great with you or your kids- doesn't mean that I want them around me or my kids when I am at the park/trail/walking in the neighborhood.  They are animals and are unpredictable- even your family pet.  We walk our dogs on leashes, put them in a comfortable room when guests come over (all are more relaxed and less stressed then), and don't allow our kids to be alone with them.  This I feel is responsible pet ownership.   I was bit by the family dog when I was 3- he was sweet, good natured, and trained.  But he still bit me.  I was lucky that he missed my eye and that I had very good ER doctor that stitched me up- very little scaring.
  • I hate little dogs. My mom as 2. They are the worst!!!

    There is a dude that walks his 2 BIG dogs on the trail off leash. I see them most mornings when I run. If I want a crazy workout I'll take our dogs, who can be protective. They see these guys off leash and go nuts.

    Also anyone who lets their dog shit on the sidewalk/trail and doesn't clean it up should come back as a roach in their next life. Because seriously... EFFING RUDE!!!!
  • I love the people who are all like, "oh, my dog is friendly though!" That's all well and good, assuming it's true, but how do you know if my dog is? Maybe my dog is mean and will eat your dog. She's not, but they don't know that. Stupid. Our dog is always leashed, because it's safest for everyone. 

    Also, little dogs are the worst. My MIL has 5 of them, and they aren't trained in any way (including house broken, but they are confined to the kitchen) and they are so damn loud. And annoying. It makes me ragey.
  • feffy11 said:
     Also, WTF are these little dogs doing in the grocery store? Is it just me? I see them all the time!

    I'm like hello, unsanitary!!!!

    No joke people down here have strollers for their dogs. And no, they aren't hurt or footless they are healthy happy little dogs that are coddled by their owners. There is a woman that comes to the park and has these 2 white yippy shitzus in a stroller. She brings her granddaughter who is 3. She walks. HAHA! I've talked to her and asked and she said the ground is too hot for the dogs paws. (can hear my eyes roll??)
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  • feffy11 said:
    Fucking little dogs and their owners. The WORST thing these people do is pick up and hold their dogs, which feeds into the dogs' insecurity complex and is the chief reason why they fly off the handle all the time. They're always yanking the leash and barking at any leaf that blows by. If my 50lb shepherd/husky acted like that, it would be a major situation. Your dog sucks. Also, WTF are these little dogs doing in the grocery store? Is it just me? I see them all the time!
    random - a few years ago i saw Haley from One Tree Hill (Bethany Joy somethingoranother) in the grocery store & she had a little dog in the kid seat. at least it was in one of those soft carriers w/ the top unzipped.

    but dogs are allowed in our home depot & lowe's & my dogs love to go there. some of the employees even keep doggie treats in their aprons
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