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This is my second pregnancy and am wanting what to expect since we are expecting twins this go around. We are 17 weeks now and everything had been about the same this far. Any information would be appreciated!

Re: twins

  • Might try the multiples board
  • You should be getting additional ultrasounds, additional monitoring, should be taking all kinds of extra vitamins and supplements and need to gain a pound a week. Although it concerns me that you have heard none of this from your doctor. Also you can expect to deliver at least 2 if not 4 weeks early. 38 weeks is considered full term with twins. I would suggest you call you doctor and have a consult with a MFM and they should give you additional guidelines and information on what to expect. 

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  • Congrats! I am also expecting twins, so no real advice yet, but there are actually a bunch of multiple moms here and we do weekly (ish) check ins. Hope you will join us :)
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