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WTF? My body is revolting against me

I have been having odd pains since labor. So I went in. Somehow I sprained my ankle, have carpel tunnel and my Patel tendons in my knee are inflamed/ irritated making it extremely painful to go down/ up stairs.

Anyone else having issues like this pP

Re: WTF? My body is revolting against me

  • My back hurts. It's starting to twinge like it does prior to a spasm. Hauling around this giant baby is taking its toll.
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  • I have taco neck syndrome from falling asleep sitting up on the couch and my heads flops to the side!

  • I've already had steroid shots in both wrists due to tendinitis

  • I have a lot of pain in my right (dominant) wrist. I need to have it checked, but ain't nobody got time for that. I need to do it before July for sure so I only have to pay 20% instead of 100% :(
  • I had some serious hip pain in my right hip. The ortho said it was bursitis and likely caused from childbirth. One steroid shot and two weeks later, it finally cleared up.

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    mrsdahamm said:

    I have a lot of pain in my right (dominant) wrist. I need to have it checked, but ain't nobody got time for that. I need to do it before July for sure so I only have to pay 20% instead of 100% :(

    Yes hauling Sloan out was a pain but my wrist pain was getting to were I couldnt/ can't hold my baby because it hurts so bad- not good when home alone with her. We are going to do a brace to see if it helps but she mentioned possible surgery x I DO NOT want surgery
  • Oh man, sorry you're having all those pains! For me, it's my tailbone, but It's been messed up since labor. Not sure what happened, but I could hardly move after I gave birth and though its gotten better I still have trouble sitting in certain positions and on certain surfaces, and it feels like a deep bruise. I'm kinda worried about whether I will be able to work out next week when I finally get cleared...
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  • My Mother's Thumb has acting up again. I had it with Ds1 too. I've been trying not put so stress on my thumb and wrist.
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  • I have had an awful pain in my right hip when walking. Like it needs to pop but can't. If I can somehow pop it, it feels better but keeps happening. Also terrible stomach pains before having bowel movements??
    Ugh so weird.

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  • I was just talking to DH about this. I said my back hurts and I feel like I'm going to be hunch back from not sitting up straight. I can not get comfortable in bed, my back ends up hurting whichever way I lay. Also my knees hurt and sometimes I'll wake up and my muscles are sore all over, almost like I did a work out the day before. And we all know that ain't happenin'.
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  • Omg @DTNZ4Ever‌ I totally have mommy thumb!! I asked my OB about my wrist and he said it didn't sound like carpel tunnel since it doesn't radiate up my fingers. But that article sounds exactly like what's going on.

    @BethRN1987‌ I hope you don't need surgery. That fear is a big part of why I haven't had mine checked yet. "/
  • The wrist pain struggle is so real! I've gone through 2 different braces as well. It's been about 2 weeks since my injections. They haven't helped so far, and my LO hates bein handled with either brace on. UGH.

  • Other than just upper back pain (from sitting and holding LO), I still have some carpal tunnel left over from when I was preggers. Its in my left thumb, pointer, and middle finger on my left hand. No pain, but they are constantly numb. My other hand finally returned to normal about 2 weeks ago. I have also been having pain in both knees when I bend them. And put pressure on them, kinda like a pinched nerve. It makes it hard to get down on the floor with LO without cursing out loud from the sharp pain.
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