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Talk to me about breast pump rentals

So I was reading our insurance policy today and noticed that we are covered for a breast pump rental after the birth of the baby. This made me really excited except for the fact that last time the insurance said it covered $100 in the purchase of a pump but had no durable equipment providers in their list that actually sold them so I had to pay for mine completely out of pocket. 

Since the pump rental is now a part of all new policies due to Obamacare, I'm wondering if anyone knows exactly how it works or has rented from a hospital before through the insurance and can explain it to me a little bit better? I called my provider and they basically said I needed to call the hospital to ask them if they rented them… if they don't, am I at a loss once again? Or how does it work? And I didn't ask my insurer but usually how long do they cover them for? The duration of breastfeeding?

I'm really excited to have found this out and really hope it works this time around.
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Re: Talk to me about breast pump rentals

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    I rented one with DS1 but paid for it out of pocket because it was prior to when the new healthcare changes came into effect. I rented a pump because I wasn't sure if I was committed to breastfeeding and it was more economical than purchasing a pump. My hospital had them available and the pump was ready for us to take home with us when we left the hospital.

    Honestly I didn't notice any suction difference between the hospital pump I rented (the Medela Symphony) and my Medela Pump In Style that I ended up purchasing. The hospital pump was super heavy though and a pain to transport so if you are planning on pumping at work, I would plan to leave the pump at work and maybe get a hand held pump as a back up at home.

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  • I contacted my insurance and was told that I can go through any company that accepts my insurance and the company will work with my insurance company.  I contacted 2 local medical supply companies that have breast pumps (thebump sent me emails) and they were very helpful in explaining how it works and when to contact them again.  The company I chose will contact me at 2 weeks since that is the earliest my insurance will allow me to apply for it. 
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  • I rented one from the hospital through the lactation consultants there (medela symphony) and I also rented one directly from Ameda. I had a hospital pump for a year. I paid out of pocket both times so I haven't dealt with insurance. The Ameda pump was much cheaper but that doesn't matter if you are not paying out of pocket. I would be really surprised if your hospital did not rent pumps. For some people pumping is optional but for others such as moms of premature babies that can't breastfeed yet they need the pumps right away.

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  • Call your insurance company.  They can tell you the process of getting it covered.  ACA (I hate the phrase Obamacare) says they have to be covered but doesn't say how it has to be handled.
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  • I rented from the hospital after my regular pump died on me.  I paid OOP, because I didn't even think of going through my insurance, but it was before the ACA, so I don't think it would've been covered anyway.  Ours was $60/month and they had Medela or another kind.  I already had all my own parts for a Medela, so I got that one.  It was a hospital-grade pump, and on top of the rental cost, you also would have to pay for the parts kit if you didn't already have it (I want to say that was probably another $40 or so), but you keep that, obviously.

    I also didn't notice too much of a difference in the pumping strength with the rental vs the one I had, but I agree with whoever said it was hella heavy and a pain to transport. 
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