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Can I just tell someone? (TTC sort-of related)

I am kind of going crazy. DH and I have been TOTALLY on the fence about having a fourth child (b/c clearly, it's crazy given how nuts everything is at our house already). This was my last month to try and have a baby before turning 40, so one weekend when I was probably ovulating (not charting) we decided to give it a shot, figuring if something happens maybe it's meant to be. I said I wasn't going to be obsessing about it but of course now I am. I can test in a couple days. I'm doing that crazy over-analyzing of everything even though I have had three kids and I KNOW that there really weren't any "signs" until right when I was supposed to get my period.

Okay, that's all. Thanks for letting me tell someone. You can go back to your lives now. 

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Re: Can I just tell someone? (TTC sort-of related)

  • 2WW is the WORST!  Also wanted to say, I'm so envious I wish could get DH on board for a fourth...or more!  He says the only way we are having four is if the third pregnancy is twins :(
  • Good luck! I hope whatever happens you are at peace with it.....and can distract yourself in the meantime!
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  • What Kimbus said.

    Check out my blog ---->
  • Aaah, I hate that wait! Best of luck to you :) 

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  • Ooh good luck!
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