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Formula, reaction to milk or just growing pains?

DS has been getting mostly pumped milk since birth. I supplement with similac advance formula because I couldn't keep up. He was doing great until last week (7 weeks). Prior to that he was having tons of dirty diapers every day. He was super gassy but it never seemed painful, the kid just farted constantly! Anyway starting last week he only has one dirty diaper every other day and is now clearly uncomfortable on the in between day. He pushes like crazy, cries when he is pushing and every once in a while passes some gas. I know babies don't have to have a bowel movement daily but it seemed like a pretty sudden and drastic change from his normal. Plus I feel so bad seeing the little guy in obvious pain! The nurse at his pedi rdcommended 2tsp of Karo syrup in 2 bottles per day. Then we could revisit at his appointment next week.

Anyone else have this going on? What has been your solution? Also I am wondering what could be the diet hasn't changed. I did start working out pretty hard last week and am unsure if that could affect my milk? It would seem that he would have shown a reaction to his formula much sooner if that was the case, but again I have no idea!

Re: Formula, reaction to milk or just growing pains?

  • This happened to DD , she became very constipated . She also Was on advance I don't BF though . At her one month appointment her pedi determined she has a dairy allergy . We switched her formula to nutrimegan , ever since then she's been fine and no painful gas !


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  • @DisneyAddict1‌ no it's remained consistent. It'll change beginning next week as I will just about be done pumping. @Futuremrstonyasmith‌ ugh I hope he doesn't need nutramigen! Regular formula is pricey enough as it is!
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    When we made the transition to full on FF, baby girls tummy took some time to adjust. I was on Similac advanced but after weeks of just waiting to see if her gas/pooping would improve, I finally switched to gentlease. It took about a week from switching from Similac advanced to the target brand of gentlease to see a difference, but she is SO much happier. One thing to not get concerned about (like I did) is the firmness of the poop. My pedi said as long as she has no discomfort pooping, it's okay if it's firm or looks like pebbles sometimes. She still farts daily, but it's such an obvious improvement in her mood (and in my wallet. 2lbs of formula for $25? Sold!)

    ETA: she also went from pooping once every other day to pooping daily now. Anywhere from 1-4 poops a day. And she's 9 weeks 3 days if you're mobile.

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