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Gender predictors

Has anyone tried out any old wives tales with predicting baby gender? What's your thoughts on it?

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  • I tried every one in the book last time and they all said girl and we had a boy. So we aren't bothering to do any this time :)
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  • I found a place that listed 28 different old wives tales that I did when pregnant with Peanut (boy).  14 came out boy, 10 for girl, and 4 were undeterminable.  They are fun to do and I'm wanting to do them all again this time around later in this pregnancy.
  • I don't even know what other old wives tales there are except "if it's a girl she will take your beauty while you're pregnant".  Or if you're carrying high/low.






  • Well I have done just about every old wives tale in the book, and all point to girl for me but who knows they are wives tales. I am hoping for a girl since I already have a DS. Won't know for sure for another 9 weeks. :( either way happy healthy baby will equal a happy blessed mommy.
  • I did it just for fun, it says I'm having a boy. :) We won't find out until 16-20 week ultrasound, I forgot which one he said. I'm excited though, we both kind of hope for a boy our first BUT of course will be happy with either way with a healthy baby!!!


  • and by "it" I'm referring to the gender predictor that the bump has in tools.


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