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Decluttering stuff

What did you keep and what did you throw out from your wedding?  I just came across the box with our cake cutting knife/server and our cake topper.  Did others keep these items?  Do you use the cake cutter/servers?
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Re: Decluttering stuff

  • I'm so not sentimental.  We didn't have a knife or server.  I have no idea where my cake topper is, maybe in the card box?  and I'm pretty sure I passed on our toasting glasses.

    I kept my card box, my veil and my dress and shoes.  I had borrowed my headpiece.

    Now that everyone I know has gotten married I think i'm going to pass my card box on.  I tried to sell my dress but no luck.  I have no use for it.  
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  • I don't save stuff like that. The only wedding thing I still have (besides dress and shoes) is my bouquet. I had a bunch of live succulents in it. I potted them all when I got home and dried the rest.
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  • I still have a box in the top of my closet that has shoes, cake server, glasses, and I think one or two other things in it. Our cake topper is on display (precious moments figurine that says just married; I was young, don't judge) on a shelf.

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  • I still have basically everything. My gown (which I had preserved), veil, jewelry, shoes. My cake topper is on display on a shelf next to our wedding photo. My champagne flutes and cake knife and server are in my china cabinet. We haven't used them, but we haven't used any of our wedding china. We don't have a formal dining room and haven't hosted any holidays yet. Someday we will. I have a bag full of our wedding cards.
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  • I have the pillow, toasting glasses, guest book, cake topper, and headpiece on a shelf in my China cabinet. The gown and veil are in my closet.
  • I kept just about everything. The dress and bouquet are preserved, and the cards, guest book etc. are packed away in a box. I occasionally wear both pairs of shoes, though. I also have a couple of the centrepiece vases on display and a few of the poetry frames hung on our bedroom wall.

    We didn't have a cake topper and just used the caterer's knife and server. If we'd gotten our own, though, I would be using it.
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  • I have a small storage container that has our cake cutting set, toasting glasses, guest book, my jeweled headband, and copies of things like the invitation, program, table cards/menu, and wedding cards.

  • Still have our cake cutting set and use it on occasion.  The only reason we got one was because we did not previously own one and wanted it.  Still have our toasting flutes.  I also dried my bouquet and DH's boutonniere.  I have my veil in an acid free box, not sure how long it will last since it's already 35 years old, it's my mother's veil, but you never know. 
  • I have my dress, shoes (still wear em), an invitation that's framed, and our cake cutter. But the cake cutter is a family antique so even if I purge other wedding stuff that's still staying!
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