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D&C follow up appt and recurrent loss questions

It has been two weeks since my d&c. 4 1/2 months ago I had a natural miscarriage. I also have 2 children. I go tomorrow to my RE for my follow up appt and am trying to figure out where to even begin the questions. Any suggestions? I feel at a loss. I had bloodwork done for my loss back in December and it showed nothing was wrong. Also, my d&c results came back showing no chromosome issues with baby. I want to get answers but I swear I don't think there are any to be had.. And I can't even think where to start.....

Re: D&C follow up appt and recurrent loss questions

  • So sorry for your losses. Have you had testing do a for blood clotting disorders? If not I would ask about that.

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  • Yes. I had those done. I'm gone to make sure it wasn't just a couple and it was ALL.
  • So there were no answers at the appointment. However my RE said he would talk to another dr in the practice and review everything with him... And he called me yesterday and said they both think that a uterine septum could be to blame for these recurrent losses. We actually knew that I had it but were not worried because I had two healthy pregnancies. However, now they think that if the embryos implanted near the septum that the blood flow there is bad and would not support a pregnancy. So he will check it out at a procedure next month. Thanks for your responses!
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