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Hunger cues

My LO is 5 weeks & I'm having trouble reading her hunger cues. I know what they are suppose to look like - but the only thing I really notice is her sticking her tongue out. The problem is that she's always doing it, so I don't know when she's really hungry. I feel like it always gets to the point where she's crying (which I know I'm not suppose to let it get to) so then I try to see if she's hungry. I just feel like I should know by this point when my baby is hungry, but I'm still so confused! Any advice or similar experiences?

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  • I honestly couldn't tell if M was hungry or had a tummy ache or needed to burb or what until like 10 weeks. He was just 0-60 on the crying for the first 8-10. Even though his cues and cries are more clear now, when in doubt I offer the boob.

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  • agree with PPs- when in doubt, boob. ;) my DS was big on rooting around for a nipple, though. he would wave his head around and try to suck on whatever was in reach. he even tried to nurse on my nose once. ;)

    newborns can be so fussy and uncomfortable-seeming that it's kind of hard to figure out what they want sometimes. it'll get easier once your LO is a little older.
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    Don't worry, I feel like I'm always confused about what I should do with my LO!  Like PPs mentioned, I would just offer boob and more often than not, it worked!  When it didn't work, I would check the diaper, bicycle his legs (he can be a gassy boy), and cuddle him.  Around 5 weeks, DS was super fussy... whether or not he was going through a wonder week and/or a growth spurt, nothing I did made him happy (especially BF).  We really got into baby wearing at that point and that always made him happy.  GL!
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