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New mom, New Career

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Hello everyone! I hadn't seen much discussion on the subject and I'm sure there are others who've had similar experiences, but I am about to be a first time mom and it has intensified my search for a stable career.
 You see, I'm a real go getter but I just haven't had much luck in the job world as far as stability. I have a degree in graphic design and also have a background in sustainability. The closest thing I've had to a job in my career field was when I worked as a Geospatial Information Technician last year. For those of you who have not heard of this, it's basically collecting GPS data for use in map making. Thing is these jobs are rare to come by and most are contract only so there is no definite job available. I have been wanting to switch careers to something more stable so I thought of going back to my original plan of working with animals. I tried to get financial aid a couple of years back to continue school but was told I am over my units and can not get any more aid. I tried going a different route by attending the local career center religiously. I would show up every week, do the necessary research, and attended all the classes (more than once mind you) and everytime I believed I would get assistance I was blown off or couldn't find an employer willing to cooperate with the training program. I am going to look into scholarships since that may be my only option. :/
I really want to have a career, especially now that I will have a child to support. Has anyone had any difficulties with aid for schooling or has any links to information that might be helpful? Thanks in advance.

Re: New mom, New Career

  • I've never heard of a unit restriction except for Pell grants. Have you tried a public junior college? What are you thinking in terms of working with animals? Like a vet tech position? You can go to student for info on types of aid. (There shouldn't be a space btwn "student" and "aid". Stupid iPad.)
  • Have you looked into working in a govt job in a field you are interested in? Some just require a degree, sometimes doesn't matter in what . You can then get experience, earn money until you figure what you want. Or apply for a job in a university, they sometimes let you take classes or attend for a cheaper rate.
  • What about getting a certificate (certification)?  That is often quicker/cheaper than grad school as well.
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