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Crib for baby and 16 month old?

16 months is too young for a bed with rails right? Guessing we need to purchase another crib? Planning on them sharing a room.

Re: Crib for baby and 16 month old?

  • I would think that is too young. My son will be 17 months when new baby comes, and we will be using the Rock n play for the first 4 months, and then a small pack n play. Once older baby is 2 or so we will get him a toddler bed with rails and move the new baby into the crib. Ours will be room sharing, too.
  • DS1 was 17 months when DS2 was born. He showed no signs of being ready to move out of the crib. We bought a second crib. It was the easiest thing for us.
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  • mine are 17 months apart.  DD slept in my room in a RnP until she was almost 6 months old and then at that point we switched her.  My 2 year old is still in his crib and there are no signs he is ready to move to a regular bed.  We have two cribs, it was easiest for us as well.  
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  • My DD was 19 mos when DS came.  We just bought a second crib.  We got one at Babies R Us for $100ish.  It seemed easier then trying to switch DD before she was ready.  I definitely think it was worth it.  She stayed in her crib till she turned 3.  
  • Mine are 17 months apart. We bought a second crib. They were both in cribs for 8 months before I moved #1 to a bed.

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  • We bought separate cribs for DS1 and DS2, and actually will be buying a 3rd for baby #3.  DS1 will be just over 2 when baby #3 comes, but he's showing no signs of being ready to leave his crib.  We also purchased convertibles for both and their furniture matches the cribs, so it's nice to be able to keep it all together.
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  • I would maybe wait and see before buying anything. Mine are 18 months apart and DS was in our bedroom for about 5 months. Dd moved to a twin bed with rails at 20 months and did fine with the transition. Yes ideally I would have kept her in a crib longer but I didn't want to buy a 2nd crib. Even though most convert to a bed, we only have room for a twin size, not full, so it wouldn't have worked for us.
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  • Dd is 19 months and we moved her to a twin two weeks ago. We made sure to get an extra long bed rail. She had an easy transition and I'm glad we moved her rather that buy a second crib for the new baby.
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  • Mine will be 15 months apart.  DS1's crib converts to a toddler bed so he'll just keep his crib/bed until he's outgrown it.  We got another convertible crib and DS2 will use that - eventually into a toddler bed too.  They weren't super fancy/expensive cribs so if they make it 3 years in it I'll be happy.
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  • Mine are 17 months apart and we bought a second crib. They have their own rooms, but we bought matching cribs in case they ever end up sharing a room, which may be about to happen for us. Their cribs convert to daybeds and then to a twin headboard, so we plan on using them for quite some time.
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