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Should I make our Disney trip a birthday surprise?

My daughter's birthday is coming up in two days. We have a trip to Disney booked. Should we tell her on her birthday. The trip is exactly one month after her birthday. Or should we do the whole surprise we are going to the airport thing? We went last year and she knows we were planning on going back. I can't decide! Her birthday is a little mellowed this year due to the trip, so I thought it could be nice to tell her on her birthday. DH wants to videotape the whole surprise on the way to the airport.

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  • How old is she? Personally I think half the fun of vacation is the anticipation of it. But a little kid doesn't really understand waiting so it may be better as a surprise.
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  • She is turning 6!
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  • At 6, I would tell her on her birthday so she has a month to look forward to it, brag to her friends, etc.
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  • Yes, I don't think I can wait. Plus we enjoyed watching youtube videos of rides, buying tshirts, etc for our last trip. Combines with the quieter cheaper birthday I think we will tell her! Thanks!
  • Yep, for me the anticipation is a big part of the fun!
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  • I know lol! My husband thinks it would be cool to get her reaction on tape that day but I could totally see her being nonchalant about it and breaking his heart lol! Okay, on her birthday it is!
  • I think it's nice to be able to look forward to something, and have a little while to adjust to the idea. But I don't really like surprises. It kind of depends on your daughter and what you think she'd like. Is she quick to adapt, or does she need a little while to digest things?
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  • I am team tell her...maybe get her a birthday card "signed" by her favorite character? You can find their signatures to copy online I'm sure.
  • DHs parents surprised him with a trip to Disney when he was 5 and he still talks about what a cool surprise it was. He woke up one morning and was told they were going to the airport. He was (is) a nerdy kid, so they were flying over DC and he said "that's the capital, that's the white house, he we're flying past here, we're going to Disney!" He was glad he didn't know in advance because figuring it out from the plane was cool to him.
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  • I am team tell her and help her count it down!

    plus she can brag to all her friends before school gets out.

    Maybe you can do it in a kinda of scavenger hunt  or clues to where the end is the trip is planned.

    video tape it and see how long it takes her to figure it out

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  • Okay our disney planning package came by courier. We are wrapping that stuff!
  • My sister in law made a paper chain for my nephew and gave it to him for xmas one year.  He figured it out as he pulled the chain out of the box. And of course it was made in Mickey colors.  It was super cute and he was very excited.
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