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Does what you eat matter?

I was looking on Pinterest the other day and someone pinned an article about 5 (or so) things you should eat while BFing to make sure your LO is getting the correct nutrients. Now, my LC told me it didn't matter what I ate because, "There are women in third world countries eating grubs and whale blubber and their babies are just fine".


So, does my diet matter?  I am a crappy eater. I am not talking McDonald's every day but I do love chips, candy and cookies! I am still taking a prenatal and drinking Ensure. I hope I haven't been ruining my milk all this time...

Re: Does what you eat matter?

  • of course it's best for you personally to have a healthy diet so you feel good. and yes, your diet can affect the amount and quantity of nutrients in your milk to some degree, but as long as you are taking in enough calories to lactate, your milk will meet your LOs needs. you can still be a little undernourished and making BM, as your body will prioritize sending nutrients to your BM. BM is still a more nutritionally complete option than formula could ever hope to be.

    kellymom has a good summary on the subject:

    i don't know how old your LO is, but if they're really little, eventually life will seem less hectic and you will have more time/energy to invest in healthier eating. it's great that you're taking a prenatal vitamin- although it's not a replacement for good nutrition, at least that will help fill in any gaps in your diet. long story short, i wouldn't worry.

    BoyOhBoysmrsbeers[Deleted User]
  • Thank you. He is 5 months old and a chunker.
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