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Mother's day for Grandma's?

What are you doing for your mom for mother's day?

I have no idea what to get my mom.  She has so many knick knacks, pics of the boys, etc.

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Re: Mother's day for Grandma's?

  • I always get her a gift certificate for her hair salon
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  • We did gift cards for pedis last year, flowers the year before that. Money is tighter right now so I picked up some cheap birdhouses at Michaels and will have DS decorate them.
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  • I got some big terra cotta pots and I let DD go to town on them with paint last month. Then we planted some strawberry plants in them a couple days ago. So, each grandma will get a potted strawberry plant :) 
    We'll do cards too at some point. I usually do brunch for the women in our families on Mother's Day and then dinner for the men on Father's Day, but I think this year I have an out with the new baby ;)

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  • MIL mentioned wanting to get her car detailed, so I think we are going to get her a GC for that. My mom and her boyfriend like to go to a movie and a local ice cream shop, so I think we'll get her a GC for those two things.
  • We are going to go visit her. DH has to work all day so we are going to go surprise her for the day and probably spend the night :)
  • Nothing. We usually mail her a card since she lives in another city. This year it happens that we'll be there visiting, though, so maybe we'll go out for brunch or something...
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  • I honestly hadn't thought about it until I saw this post! MIL will just get a gift card to Menards as she does woodworking and really enjoys getting gift cards. My mom is a little harder. I have no idea and should probably go shopping for something.
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  • We will take both my mom and MIL to brunch and buy them flowers.
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  • I let DD scribble on a card for her.

    MIL has a very expectant attitude. She just expects us to go all out and is never grateful for anything. I'm tired of playing into it so I just don't do anything big anymore.
  • I let DD scribble on a card for her.

    MIL has a very expectant attitude. She just expects us to go all out and is never grateful for anything. I'm tired of playing into it so I just don't do anything big anymore.
    Sounds familiar!
  • I'm going to get her a photobook maybe? I have no idea. Maybe flowers from my friend who is a florist.
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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
  • We always go out to brunch with my family and will get my mom flowers and something else, I have no idea what though, from DS and SS. I am tired of doing the pictures and normal cheesy mothers day Grandma stuff, so need to figure out something different. For MIL we will do flowers and a card.
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  • We send my mom flowers for Mothers Day. She has everything she needs or wants and really enjoys getting flowers. My kids will make her a card also.
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  • NandaB said:

    I got picture frames for G to paint. I will put a cute recent picture of the kddos in it for both of our moms.

    This is what I am doing as well. I saw a cute photo idea on pinterest and am going to try to recreate it with my kids. If it turns out I will put that in the frame. If not, I will use one of the recent pictures of them.
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  • I ordered keychains from shutterfly for both grandmas, got my stepmom a magnet of dd2 to go with the magnet she has for dd1. The girls will do cards and then we are good.
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  • My parents will be watching the boys for the time DH and I are gone and of course it falls over Mother's Day. I am thinking of having flowers delivered to our house from me while she is here or scheduling a spa day for her when we return.

    My grandmother likes fancy chocolate and art from the boys.

    My MIL is getting whatever DH comes up with. He will probably get her a round of golf as well as pay the cart fee.
  • I just get them cards and mail them. My mom lives 4 hours away. If my husband wants anything more for his mom, then that is on him.
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  • I just made photo calendars for my Grandma's, DH's Grandma and my Mom. It's become tradition and they love it.
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