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Second baby list

I am currently making an Amazon list of stuff I know I'll need for our second baby. This will serve as a reminder for me over the next few months of what I need, and the grandparents would like a list to get gifts from. The only "big items" I need are a swing and either a rock n sleep or bouncer, something portable. What things could I be forgetting?? My DD will be 3 in a little over a month, so we are well out of the baby stage and I'm having a hard time remembering. Any suggestions are welcome!

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  • A carrier of some sort...I like my Maya Wrap ring sling and Beco.
    A sit and stand stroller is nice for that age gap if you will be doing a lot of walking.  I didn't get one last summer, and I didn't feel I needed one over the winter.  I finally got one a few weeks ago with the earliest nice weather and we have enjoyed it.  I still use the Chicco snap in one when we go most places because it's easier to deal with in the car, but the sit and stand allows me to take the kids for longer walks without worrying about DS1 pooping out and being a pain on the way home.
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  • Kimbus22 said:
    Joey's 2 1/2. For this baby coming I bought:

    Rock N Play

    Also replaced our travel system.  Our infant seat was expired and it was cheaper to get a new system than replace our old seat.

    We already have blankets/burp rags/bouncer/swing/PNP etc left from Joey.
    I need to get our seat down and check to make sure it is still in good shape after being stored for 3 years. I will have to buy all new blankets, burp rags, etc because ours are all very girly and this is a buy. Luckily I got the big ticket items as neutral. We borrowed the swing and bouncer from a friend, and they took them back though they were pink anyway.
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  • We really didn't buy car seat, double stroller, swing, bassinet (DD's was borrowed). Clothes and whatnot, of course. Baby book. Nursing/feeding supplies.
  • My kid will be 3.5 when #2 comes. We gave away or lent out most of our baby stuff over the past few years, but we did hang on to some things. On my list, I have: rock n play, pack n play, pack n play mattress, sheets, a couple more Miracle Blankets, pacifiers, bottles, breastfeeding supplies, bibs, burp cloths, a second monitor, and clothes.

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  • My kids are 5 years apart so I really leaned on these ladies to help me with a list just like this!! :)

    I saved the big items from Emily (bassinet/pack n play, BOB stroller, swing, bouncer, play mat, breast pump) but had to purchase:

    diaper bag
    changing table topper/cover
    pumping storage supplies
    bath sponge/tub
    Ergo + infant insert
    Side-snap, long-sleeve t-shirts with fold-over mitts (Carter's sells them!) - newborns scratch themselves and YOU all the time!
    swaddling blankets
    video monitor - Emily's broke!
    Sound machine - Emily kept hers

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  • I tried not to get too much more the second time around, even though we were having twins. I actually downsized some of the baby gear I knew we didn't use much the time before. We did get 2 Rock-n-plays, which were great. I also got a lot of use out of our Bjorn babbysitter bouncer (so portable!). 
    Zip up sleepers, some pre-fold cloth diapers (great for cleaning/ burp rags, even if you don't CD) and maybe some pacifiers if your old ones aren't around anymore. 
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  • I had to replace bottles, pacifiers, and sippy cups because DD used the heck out of them.

    Nursing supplies (pads, lanolin, storage bags) and a new nursing bra. I received a few formula samples that I used as a "back-up" if nursing hadn't gone well.

    You might need crib bedding if your oldest is using the crib converted to toddler bed.

    New batteries for the swing and bouncer chair.

    I bought a RnP this time and used it a ton!
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    My kids are 3.5 years apart. The only things I bought for DD were a new tub and a rock n play ETA my infant seat expired when dd was 8 weeks old so make sure you check the Manu date on yours

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  • My boys are 17 months apart. We bought pacifiers, washclothes, more burp rags, a few new receiving blankets, another boppy (bf is going well this time and its nice to have one on each floor), and all the bedding for a crib and changing table since we got a 2nd crib, changing table, and dresser. Oh, and a ring sling and double stroller.
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