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Music during labor/birth?

Does anyone have any recommendations for what they plan to listen to during labor and birth? I was also thinking of maybe just looking for a few Pandora stations now and seeing what strikes my fancy in terms of relaxation, etc.  I had planned to do this with DS's birth but with all the PTL business and high risk talk, I just never got around to it!

Any recommendations or ideas?

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Re: Music during labor/birth?

  • Salt n Pepa-Push it  (Sorry had too!)

    @zoeygirl1105, I can't believe I didn't think to add this one to my list ;).
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    Ecat504[Deleted User]
  • We stream pandora at home on weekends when we get up and make coffee. I've been really into the folk revival station lately. Very mellow music.


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  • When DH was born, WAY before iPods, etc, I made a CD; mostly movie themes but some classical choices.  I'm trying to remember all of my selections and can really only drum up two of them.

    In retrospect, some of it is a bit macabe, but...I love the music:
    Music from Schindler's List
    Music from Dances with Wolves
    Mozart and Beethoven

    I find music with words can be distracting, and I was able to just relax back into the music for the most part.

    My lamaze teacher/attending nurse asked if she could keep the CD after my labor as she liked it, so I gladly gave it to her in the hopes it might help someone else.

    I'm planning on doing something similar this go-round.  At least this time I can make a play list that might actually last the entire duration of labor (DS was a 12 hour process...CDs just aren't that long!).


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  • I haven't thought about it, but since I'm going for med free this time, I should probably plan on using music for relaxation.

    There was as special about lion cubs on Animal Planet when I was delivery my son. One of the nurses tried to turn it off but I screamed at her, because apparently I was using it to focus.

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  • I made a really great playlist of everything from Sia to Rolling Stones and hip hop and rap and metal and classical in between, and then didn't even take my iPod out of the bag during my 12 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing... ;-)
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  • I put together a playlist of 90's alternative and specific Christian songs on DH's spotify. A few ended up entirely too emotional and had to be changed when I was laboring with DD. With DS2 we just had a Chris Tomlin channel on Pandora and I'm not sure which I liked better.
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    [Deleted User]suiternkami09
  • Hurts so good?
    [Deleted User]LifeofCatJSS1002[Deleted User]
  • I was thinking about this today...I was just planning on turning on a few favorite Pandora stations and throwing in some Green Day for good measure :-)
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  • Michael Buble's "Just Haven't Met You Yet" 
    This song seems to have been one that really spoke to me during the TTC months, I'm not sure how I'll feel in the delivery room but I can see me liking the upbeatness (is that even a word?) of it and just the memories of the journey it took to that point.

  • I had one with ds and it was full of my favorites but I found the words distracting. This time I was going to do 2, one with words and one more relaxing. But now it looks like I am headed to a c-section so I haven't actually gotten on it. I had done a simple google search and there were some helpful ideas there.

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  • I had made up a playlist in my previous pregnancy, bittersweet and I haven't looked at it again yet. It had a wide range of songs that just made me feel good (from Lauryn Hill to Ween haha)
    I like the idea of movie scores, I guess words could be distracting...
    ~All are welcome~
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  • DH made a playlist from all of the Rockabye Lullaby CDs that we bought our first son. We had Journey, Aerosmith, Dave Matthews and Green Day, but in Lullaby form. The nurses even commented on it and loved it! 
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  • I was watching HGTV during labor with DS. Gotta love some House Hunters!!  ;)
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  • I would say that I watched tv last time, but I wouldn't even let DH turn it on as it annoyed me. I never got around to putting a play list together so we basically sat in silence while listening to the machines. This time I am trying for a med-free birth so I am trying to cover all my bases in terms of music. 

    Thanks for the suggestions.
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  • Ceridwen21Ceridwen21 member
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    I had an calming playlist with lots of Enya, Mumford and Sons, The Civil Wars, etc. Stuff with a good beat but that made me feel happy and chill. Warning though: I still kinda cringe when I hear them to this day cause I think of my awful labor and delivery, so maybe don't pick something you really love?

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  • Mine will probably have a lot of Bob Marley in the mix. 
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  • I hadn't really thought about it, but the first thing that popped into my head is Beastie Boys.  Screw Enya, why go w/something "peaceful"?  :P 

    p.s. I love the idea of "Push it"
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  • @ecat504, here is the thread....

    Just bumping this so she can see it =)
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