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So my OB is out of the country

So on Friday I had my first appointment and first ultrasound which was great until I couldn't see my doctor and instead saw the nurse practitioner she was nice and all but every question I asked her she only gave me broad vague answers that didn't really answer anything and most of them she said she would defer so I could ask my OB next appointment in ten days. At this point I can't wait to have my next appointment and I haven't even left this one yet so I make it up to the check out window and the girl has no idea what I need another appointment for because the lady didn't fill out her codes and then looks at the calendar to make my next appointment for ten more days and my doctor has nothing available (not even a squeeze in appointment) because he is out of the country for two weeks so I have to see this lady again at my next appointment so she can not answer more questions and tell me next time when I see my doctor he can answer them.... My doctor is one of the best in my area what should I do? X(

Re: So my OB is out of the country

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    If she irked you that badly, then why not just reschedule the appointment for when your OB gets back? Sure you might have to wait a bit longer but you will be happier with the answers.

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    Why do you need to go back in 10 days? appointments are usually every 4 weeks at this stage. Is it just to ask your OB some questions? I'm sure you can get a nurse to relay the questions to him. 


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