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anyone with success?

Had our little girl Saturday early due to induction as she was measuring 35weeks at 39 weeks and came out at 5lb 10 oz. Cannot get the poor girl to wake up and eat on my nipple. We have been pumping and finger training. The lactation ladies at the hospital said im doing all the right things and she is rooting like she should but she just gums and tongues out my nipple.

Were supposed to go home today so well keep pumping and finger training but just wondering if any ladies have had success after doing this? Trying not to get discouraged and im hoping once she pulls out of this sleepy mode she will get better with my nipple.

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Re: anyone with success?

  • It took DD almost a month after she was born she really started nursing. I found that using a nipple shield and letting it sort of fill up helped DD get the hang of nursing and after she nursed with the nipple shield I slowly introduced the bare breast. 

    I ended up successfully nursing her for 2 yrs. 
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  • Yes she could care less unfortunately. Worked with the Lactation consultant for 3 hours this morning and all we got was success with a nipple shield and sns feedingssystem

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  • It's hard work but keep at it! I couldn't get baby to really latch on until 11 weeks, but he is now a pro! Those first few weeks a hard and confusing, and hard lol! Set up an appt with a LC and try to go at least once a week. 
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  • Yes this morning! The consultant decided my daughter is lazy apparently she wants her food the easy way

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