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Not my finest moment

I was looking for an umbrella today. I knew it was in the backseat of the car. It was cold and rainy, so I crawled into the backseat and closed the door. I found the umbrella and then realized the child locks were on. Yeah, I was locked in the backseat.

I did manage to get out after I crawled over the seat to get to the front seat. It's challenging to crawl over the seat when one is six months pregnant. DH laughed pretty hard when I told him after I got back into the house.
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Re: Not my finest moment

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    Yep, I did that last summer waiting for dh at the bus stop. It was warm and I hadn't rolled the windows down and by the time I realized it, the door was closed. Dds carsest was in the middle seat and I ended up sitting there with her until dh got off the bus because hauling myself over a seat or removing her child seat with me in the back was not happening. Child locks are no joke.
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  • At least you didn't lock yourself out of the car- ha.

    I locked myself in my dads van a couple weeks after having Z. I went to stay with them. DH had our car. I left something in the van and climbed back to get it and hit the door button on the key fob. I was like HOW DID I DO THIS?!
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