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  • feffy11 said:
    feffy11 said:
    As in BAT: Marry Aaron
    As in BET: Merry Erin
    As in BEAR and YEAH: Mary Anne

    Bear and Yeah don't have the same sound. this doesn't even make sense.
    The vowel sound is the same. The same diphthong you hear in AIR...
    No, they're different. The "ea" in "yeah" sounds like the "a" in "mad". The "ea" in "bear" sounds like "air".
    [Deleted User][Deleted User]caybeh
  • Kimbus22 said:
    Chapter79 said:
    Same. But I also pronounce Mary, marry and merry the same.
    This exactly!
    What the hell? I get regional differences but we live half an hour apart.  How on earth do you say all those the same???/
    I don't know what to tell ya! :P
    Whoever taught me how to speak always said all of the above words as the same.. that's all I know. And when people say them differently and try to explain, I simply don't get it.  I've honestly never heard people say them differently!
    (+ hers and his, ages 13 & 8)
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  • Totally different. My sister is Erin and my mom is still mad that 30 years later one family member still says air-en.
    Late to the game, but this made me laugh. My sister is Erin. And we/she hate it when people say it incorrectly. It is Air-en.
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