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Any experiances with York Womens Healthcare Group?

Hi, I thought I'd try asking this way cause I really need to leave my currant practice, Please share your experiences.

Re: Any experiances with York Womens Healthcare Group?

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    Is that the one on top of the hill or the new one they just built that used to be beside dairy queen. 

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    It's 1693 South Queen St.

    Those two are together right?

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    Have you had experience with either of those? Please let me know.
    And if you say one of their (Dr) names that might help.
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  • Options is who you mean? - that is not the new wellspan building folks. Those wellspan folks who used to be near dairy queen and are now in the new building near Springwood Rd - I left a few years ago...just not real personable (at the time....that was 6 years ago).
    The Womens Healthcare Group have been great for me - both non pregnant and now that I am expecting. My normal 'doc' is a midwife named Deb Brown and she is phenomenal...I'd pay ANY amount to know she'd deliver my baby...if only that was an option. Lol
    The midwives (3 of them) are all good. The doctors are slightly more hit and miss but I've had positive experiences with Wolverton, Lawrence and Figdore.
    I hope that helps?? There are 10 people who could be on call for your delivery...3 midwives and 7 its anybody's game for your delivery.
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    Thanks! Yeah Anybody's game is the part that feels uncomfortable. Like it's roulette.  My Sis-in-law had Mid Wife Felica Rorhbaugh when she had my neice.  That was 11 years ago though.

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    Felicia is still there ;)
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    I love them! Dr. Bowman delivered my last little one and was FANTASTIC!!! I also recently had a miscarriage and Dr. Hassinger did my D&E and was so wonderful as well. I haven't had a bad experience at the practice, and I'm pretty sure I saw all the doctors and midwives for my prenatal appointments.


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