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Is this normal?

DH has OCD. It's not too bad, and it has gotten waaaay better since we started living together. Now most of his obsessions are gone (he still obsesses, but not to the degree he used to).
DD is obsessed about some things too, but I don't know if it could be normal 2 yo behavior. For example, her shoes need to be absolutely spotless, if they are dirty she will clean them herself. She has done this since she was very little. Her socks have to be perfect, too. If they bunch up or are not perfect she cries. I can't roll up pants or sleeves that are too long, she cries and unrolls them, and there can be no skin showing between her socks and her pants. It drives me crazy. I try to reason with her, or say: "We'll clean the shoes later," but she won't have it. 
My older brother had to go to therapy to learn how to get dirty because he never wanted to get dirty, and DH has (had) the same kind of behavior. 
My point is, does this sound like normal 2yo behavior?

Re: Is this normal?

  • She loves to play outside and in the sand, I think most of her "obsessions" have to do with her shoes (excpet with rolling sleeves/pants up).
  • That's not unusual 2 year old behavior at all. They are in control of so little in their lives that they will often choose something to be in control of.

    Even not wanting dirt/sand is not uncommon or worrisome. Julia always hated sandboxes and wouldn't go in them for anything. She couldn't stand the feeling on her hands. She was well over 3 before she got over it a little, but she still doesn't love it. 

    If there is a huge pattern and she doesn't outgrow it in a few years then you might need to look deeper, but it's pretty common for 2 year olds to choose things that have to be exactly how they want them (at least, both of my girls had and still have things like that).
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  • I'm actually keeping an eye on my kids for OCD as well since I have it. To an extent, though, toddlers are crazy picky and do tend to hyper-focus on certain things. Like pp said, if it starts to affect her normal routine or play, then you may want to talk to someone about it.

    zbeesma86[Deleted User]
  • DD we joke has toddler OCD--she is very neat and organized. It doesn't impact her life--or anything. But when she takes her shoes off to be weighed, she lines them up perfectly; she puts her toys away in the right place, she doesn't like to get dirty---she isn't a 'rough" player---she won't sit in the sandbox/beach, but she will dig in the sand with a shovel. 
    My daughter is my hero.
  • I think it is relatively normal behavior.  I need to leave a few extra minutes to get ready just to deal with sock and shoe issue.  DS also hates to have his socks bunched, and freaks out of the edge of the seam creeps near his toe.  Pants cannot touch the tops of his feet, so he walks around in floods.  Do not even try to put him in "crunchy" pants.  I think it is pretty typical.

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  • Thank you, that makes me feel better!
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