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I Slapped My Cat

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Omg I feel so horrible!

One of my two cats usually sleeps next to me. She's my little buddy and so sweet. Normally she sleeps near my legs, but recently she has been sleeping by my head or stomach. Last night she was curled up next to my stomach area and I was having crazy pregnancy dreams. I had a dream that Matthew Morrison (from Glee) was trying to kidnap me. He grabbed my waist and was going to drag me away. In reality, I think my cat started walking across my stomach, because next thing I knew (well, according to my husband who was reading in bed and witnessed it), my hand flew up and SMACKED my cat really hard in the stomach. She went flying off the bed. Luckily she wasn't hurt, so it's almost funny, but I felt sooo bad about it. Of course then I had to wake up and try to chase her down to let me hold her and apologize.

All seemed forgotten this morning, but she was still a little stand-offish with me. Poor baby.
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Re: I Slapped My Cat

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    Poor kitty! See animals this is what happens when you're somewhere that's not normal for you. At least pets are pretty forgiving and it doesn't take much for them to be all lovey dovey again.

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