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Hormonal breakdown today!

Yep, I had my first official breakdown today. I'm 15 weeks pregnant with twins and there are a ton of rummage sales going on in our neighborhood. My mother-in-law has been hunting for everything and keeps calling me about stuff...do I need a breast pump? How about a changing table? Look, I found onesies! My husband and I had an agreement that we were not going to start on the nursery until 18 weeks, when we found out if we were having boys/girls/one of each.

So I know it's not a big deal and she's just trying to help. But it started stressing me out because all of a sudden I'm getting thrown a bunch of pictures of stuff that I have thought about but haven't seriously thought about buying yet. Almost started yelling at my husband on the phone, then had a full on breakdown and he had no idea why I was even freaking out about this.

Oh, pregnancy hormones, I have such a love/hate relationship with you.

Re: Hormonal breakdown today!

  • I would just flat out tell her you feel it is too early to start looking/buying things until you have your anatomy scan at 20 weeks. I'm on the September board and sadly we've had a lot of loses right around that time. 
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  • hugs just breath and speak to your husband and get him to explain that you have an agreement that until your next scan your not buying anything.  its only 3 more weeks so im sure she can wait.
  • If she's driving you batty, just have DH let her know that y'all appreciate her being excited and her willingness to help, but not to waste her time and $ on things until after your A/S.
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    You are not alone. I had a total freak-out last week about strollers that was really absurd when I look back at it. I'm a really laid-back, chill person normally, so I'm kind of embarrassed at how my hormones have taken over on a few occasions. ;) LOL We've all been there! 

    I think it's normal to feel the way you are feeling, but I also think it's important to remember that your MIL is likely just overly excited. I'm sure she doesn't know she's coming across as kind of overbearing! I would just be honest with your MIL that you really appreciate her enthusiasm and excitement, but you would like to hold off on making purchases (especially big ones like a changing table, nursing pumps, etc.) until you have time to do research on them and figure out what you really want. If you feel uncomfortable telling her yourself, you could always have your husband talk to her instead. I'm sure she's just excited. You can show her that you appreciate that without just giving in and making purchases you're not ready to make. PPs also make a good point that you are still early on in your pregnancy and things sadly but realistically do happen, so it's totally natural to hold off until you know everything's okay with your little one(s).

    I'm only 19 weeks, and my MIL tried to get us to commit to a bedroom set when we told her we were looking at them last weekend, because she was willing to pay for part of it. She was really receptive when we told her that we appreciated her generous offer but wanted to make sure we were totally in love with it before we made such a big purchase. Actually, it kind of brought her back to Earth, as she even said that she thought that was a really great idea. 

    Good luck! :)

  • You're not alone in the breakdown department! I burst into tears yesterday because of my shower that I'm not even planning! My husband's family is huge so when it's coming down to trying to find a place to have it, my mom and MIL are having trouble finding a place that doesn't cost a fortune! And of course I'm due in October so having anything outside is not the best idea in late summer! So I stepped in to try and keep everyone happy and find a solution but everyone has their own opinion and it did nothing but stress me out and wish that they would just figure it out without me!!!

    Back to your problem though. :) My MIL and my grandmother are both a little over zealous with wanting to buy stuff already especially the furniture, but like you said, we aren't making any decisions on the nursery until we know the gender (What's the point???). I just told them not to buy anything big without our approval which they won't get until we know what we're having. They both seemed to be okay with that although I did get a high chair from my grandmother on Saturday. Luckily she did get one that matches our taste and furniture and she got a great deal on it so I let her slide on that one, but I made it very clear she's not to get anything else. 

    They are just excited and it's their job to spoil our little ones while we focus on the hard parenting stuff and so much more that goes into getting ready for a baby. So don't stress or feel bad about not thinking about that stuff yet. We've got a lot more on our minds! 
  • Thanks ladies. It's good to know I've only partially lost my mind. :)

  • Definitely not alone. I have at least 1 breakdown a week lol long story short, we're moving in about 3 weeks and I'm due in 7 weeks with our second LO (our first is only 14 months right now...). So between packing, prepping for the new baby, keeping up with our toddler, and dealing with pregnancy, I'm surprised I don't lose my mind more often.
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