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Preschool Philosophies

My LO's preschool works under the philosophy of minimalism - all of the toys are wooden/plastic/fabric and cannot "do anything" without the child manipulate them for themselves, no TVs or electronic gadgets (ie swings, bouncers, etc) are in the building, table-food-ready babies eat at a little table instead of a highchair, etc. I really like those things about the school, and it's what drew me to it in the first place, but one of their philosophies about the use of cups with the babies doesn't jive with me.
When I dropped LO off this AM, I was speaking with her teacher about us weaning her off of bottles, and transitioning her milk offerings to sippy cups at home, and I asked her teacher if she would start giving her her milk in the sippy cups I brought with me. She told me that it was against their philosophy to use sippy cups at all, but that she could offer her the milk in actual cup. (the cup is like a shot glass, holding an ounce or two) 
I don't know if I am looking for feedback, or just wanting to get it out there and off of my chest, but I feel like, as a parent, when I decision is being made specifically for my child, which doesn't affect any other child in the classroom at all, why couldn't they do that? I don't see the harm. 

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  • I know many people who skip sippies all together and go straight to the shot glass style of cups. It's not unusual, you might find it works. You can of course still do your own thing at home, and eventually try the little cups.

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  • Regular cups or straw cups are supposed to be better for speech development than a sippy.  So I think you should look at this as a good thing.  

    To answer your question, if you want every thing done exactly to your specifications maybe daycare isn't the place for your child?  Not trying to be snarky, but you just kind of have to roll with these things.  And it might affect the other children in the classroom, they all sit together right?  What if all the other kids want one, are reaching for it, etc?  Plus, are they going to have to clean these sippys, if so that's more work for them.  
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  • I haven't read the other replies but I can say that my experience is that your kiddo can likely learn the little shot sized cup quickly and you'd be remiss to loose out on that instruction.  Let her learn and live would be my advice to a friend.  She'll be home to you so quickly in the day and if she didn't get it during school then no biggie, she'll drink up from her sippy at home.
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  • Thanks for the feedback. I think the way it was approached by the teacher kind of rubbed me wrong, but I'm always willing to try something. I'm pretty go-with-the-flow, more often than not. Thanks for the input! :)
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