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No morning sickness...

Hi there everyone...this is my first pregnancy that I'm keeping. I'm a little worried because I don't have any morning sickness at 6wks. I'm super fatigued and have sore breasts but no that normal? Don't have any other troubling symptoms and only took 2 digital pregnancy tests at 4wks2days. My first prenatal visit is on Friday. I have no history of miscarriage and my last pregnancy was in 2012 but we decided to abort at 8wks - there were two sacs and everything was normal. I'm just worried there's something wrong!

Re: No morning sickness...

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    Don't jinx it! I was all happy I hadn't puked yet, and then out of nowhere I threw up.
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    Thanks! I'll try :) what I'm not getting in queasiness can be made up for by all this fatigue!
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    I was never sick at all for my last pregnancy, and nothing so far this time. I can't help worrying from time to time too, but try not to. As PPs said, the sickness could be coming, or you could just be really lucky! You do have symptoms, you're just not sick.

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    I also was never sick with my last pregnancy, just very tired! 

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    Congratulations! Enjoy the not being sick while you can. Some women are lucky and don't ever get symptor
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    I'm on my first pregnancy (6w1d or so) and I haven't had any vomiting. I've had major fatigue, mood swings, and bloating. 

    What I have had is acid reflux, or "verps", those vomit-y burps that bring the taste of past food into your mouth. 

    Last night was the first night I thought I would throw up (while on a weekend at the beach, in a bathroom shared with my in-laws, to boot!) so I was in there for a couple hours. However, while there was major nausea and hot flashes/waves, no throwing up. 

    I'm wondering if I will have any at all, as well. 
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    With my first I threw up all.the.time. starting right at 6 weeks. With this one I've thrown up much less but it started at 4 weeks. Each pregnancy is different and just because you're not throwing up doesn't mean it's not normal.

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    As everyone has said don't fret and be happy :) I haven't been sick either except for an occasional heartburn episode. I too am so tired I can't see straight lol we've just been lucky (so far)
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