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Obgyn or Mid-wife who is respectful and listens?

Ok, I had a horrible experience with my currant Obgyn's office. They refused to listen to me when I told them from the start I had a 37-40 day cycle not a 28 day. And that I knew when I could have concived having been there. They pushed for induction just two days after we had a discussion there would be no talk of induction until a week and a half later. They lost my son's first ultrasound which showed that he wasn't ready and wouldn't look at the copy I was holding. I was told when I asked about the risks of induction the they didn't have the time. My mother was with me during all this and was disgusted. They had me soo worked up and scared the one Dr kept throwing out the term dead baby. Honestly, the things I went through at the end of my pregnancy with my son, made me almost Not get pregnant again! My Bishop score was so low she didn't want to give it to me and No way was induction going to be successful. Before that, I had to have a 2nd ultrasound when they look at the gender and all those fine things because the tech could only tell the gender cause I was as she said at least two weeks early for them! Those things hadn't developed yet to be seen!!

Thankfully, my son arrived 3/18/12 on his own much closer to when I said. I kept saying I thought he'd come around St Patty's but didn't know why, same way I thought he was a boy. I complied with all they're Non stress test ect... they kept saying low fluid, the tech informed me by applying pressure she could make it look that way too and he had plenty of fluid. The Dr the delivered him even said he felt a Huge patch behind his head. I kept hearing talk while getting NST between the nurses that they are not letting these girls go past 37 weeks! This is scary! I soon found myself face to face with another Dr as soon as my son past the NST scored high but they kept chaninging it cause they were set on his due date being 3/7/12! which wasn't true and I even flat out asked the guy how in the world do get pregnant without having sex then? He had no reply but to insist I was mistaken. What? was this immaculate conception if it occurred when they said? I double checked with the online predictor having KNOWN my cycle and the possible days of conception and it put his Due date on St Pattys day! 

I prayed, and prayed. You could see my son was up and  off to the side of me and not in position (he Lived there) and I'm not a big person I weighed 140 when I gave birth after 120. They told me I would have a normal 8 or 9 pound baby. my son was 6 lbs and and 8.1 oz!  After he was born they even said "He's  small for his gestational age."  Yup.


Anyway, the whole thing is just a mess, and these people still don't listen. I need to move on as I'm now 8 weeks pregnant, albeit I'm apprehensive as I have no idea where to go.

Please let me know what your experience has been like and if they are supportive of Vaginal Birth and such. And if they pushed induction and things.

Thanks in Advance!


Re: Obgyn or Mid-wife who is respectful and listens?

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    Please forgive my horrible grammar.
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    edited April 2014

    anyone?  I'm 8 weeks pregnant now and looking for a new Obgyn or Mid-wife.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Tinkerbell, I don't have a good answer for you but I certainly understand your concern.  I'm pregnant for the first time and I'm reading natural childbirth books and I'm very concerned about having procedures I don't want forced on me.  I haven't broached the topic with my OB/GYN yet.  When I do, I definitely post here and let you know!

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    Lee81Lee81 member
    Tinkerbell, what area do you live in? Central PA covers a lot of ground. I love my ob/gyn practice, but I'm in Reading so it might not be very convenient unless you're local. 
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    Thanks please do. Yes, I thought mine was on board the last time except the on Dr kept saying stuff like don't think you are gonna have this baby without anything, and they kept saying that it's natural as long as the baby doesn't come out my ear! I found that odd and I really should've known then that they weren't really listening.

    Sorry, I'm in York.

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    @tinker2005Bell - I think its a hike from York, but I LOVED my experience at Keystone Women's Care in Chambersburg. Their practice is 5 midwives and 5 OBs and they were incredible. 

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    Thanks yeah that's a bit out there I think.

    They refused to change my due date yesterday after my first ultrasound! Putting me having sex and conceiving March 9th instead of March 10th! My transvaginal put the baby at 8 weeks 3 days. That would be due date Dec 2nd and conception March 11th by all online calculators! That I believe but Nov 30th cause they guessed before?
    I told them I got positive opk and had sex March 10th! I didn't have a Period , last one I had was Dec 26th!
    I'm very uneasy about this as this is similar to how things started with my first child! I almost didn't get pregnant over what they put me through.

    I had to respectfully ask the Dr to wash her hands before touching my lady parts, and she rolled her eyes and made faces and remarks! It wasn't fun or even pleasant!

    She barely answered questions and told me it was Ok to take anything for constipation even Milk of Magnesia! Which is a Major no cause it can cause Severe cramping. When I told my sis-in -law she was Like Don't you dare! Even I know that and my baby is 10 years old!!

    I'm concerned they will keep transferring Nov 30th as my due date and I'm uncomfortable with that as that's 8 weeks 6 days according to online calculators and before we did the deed for conception! I don't want another practice to keep the Nov 30th , I really don't. It doesn't feel right to me.
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    My mid wife is Paula Hostler out of Jacobus. I love her, very personable, focuses on what I want all of the time, answers all of my questions, is very knowledgeable, I would recommend her to everyone! If she isn't what you're looking for, she may be able to refer you to someone. 
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    hmm I know I'm not comfortable with home or water birth so, I'll have to pass. I worry to much about what could happen example:Preeclampsia So I wouldn't be comfortable. I appreciate the thought though.
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    Tinker I know this is an old post and you are nearing your due date, but I am curious about what doctor's office you had all this happen at? I am 32 weeks along (due Dec. 12th) and currently go to Women's Healthcare Group in York, though I am considering switching. Some docs in there are great, but some are rude and intervention happy. And there are 6 docs and 3 midwives on staff, so you just never know which one you will get. I'm wondering if you found another practice you are happy with? 
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    That's so funny, @OhSewCrafty! I am from Cburg and travel to York for my OB/GYN. :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Women's Healthcare Group!


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    This may be a bit late but here is one in Camp Hill. I loved it. It was a great experience and they don't push what you don't want and it's is not too far from York (I guess depending on where you are).

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