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We hit a BIG personal milestone this weekend!

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DH and I are big amusement park, roller coast, rides people. It is part of who we are as individuals and as a couple. To give you an idea of just how nuts we are...We have both worked at our local amusement park, we went on an amusement park tour of Orlando for our Honeymoon, and every year for our anniversary we try to travel to different amusement parks. 

So, ever since I found out I was pregnant (4 years ago), I have been daydreaming about enjoying amusement parks with our child. Then, Lily was born early, and then she was diagnosed with CP, and we didn't know if she would ever be able to ride a ride or handle the sensory input that comes with an amusement park. That fear was magnified last year when we tried her out on several rides at the fair, and she had a complete meltdown she was so scared. 

 Well, this past weekend our local park had its opening weekend. And, we decided to try again (after all, Lily is almost a whole year older than she was when we went to the fair). To our surprise and delight, Lily road 8 rides, one of which was a kiddie coaster! And, to our even greater surprise, she road two of those rides solo! No tears, all smiles! 

 Honestly, DH and I were probably more scared than she was. Especially when it came to the biplanes (a dumbo like ride) - we just about had a heart attack. All that separated her from a serious fall was a seat belt and the step into the biplanes! But she loved it! 

To top it all off, a random stranger gave Lily a stuffed animal he had won, we got invited to a special VIP end of the night party, and Lily got to press the button that 'set' off the fireworks! Truly, it was the best day ever! And having one of our dreams for our child not be shattered by her diagnosis - priceless.
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Re: We hit a BIG personal milestone this weekend!

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