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pregnancy testing still.

So I don't know if I'm the only one who keeps testing even though I got a positive but if I'm correct my due date should be Dec.19 and I should be 5weeks 3days but when I got my bro they were verrrrryyyyy faint leading me to believe I may have been earlier then I thought and I just took a pregnancy test and it was positive but the line looks a bit faint still. Could this mean I'm just super early?

Re: pregnancy testing still.

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    BFP not bro*******
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    A line is a line. You're still very early, I wouldn't worry.

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    Stop peeing on things! It will only make you worry more which is not necessary to do to yourself at this point. Besides, as pp said, a line is a line! Most likely everything is fine.
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    I would stop peeing on things and see if you can get a beta. I freaked myself out once with a test, but my beta was higher than average. If you are worried contact your doctor. GL.
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