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Slimy Finger Foods

DS is turning 12 months this month, and we have been working on introducing finger foods for a few months now. He's completely interested in whatever we are eating, but he absolutely refuses to feed himself anything that is slimy or slippery. It's so many foods... cut up fruit & cooked veggies, pasta, whatever is a little slimy to the touch he won't pick it up. If we try to put it on a spoon & feed it to him that way, he knocks it off the spoon.
All of these foods he will eat in puree form, so it can't be the taste, it has to be the texture. I doubt it's the chewing, because he'll eat dry foods fine (cheerios, cut up chicken, cheese, etc). Anyone encounter a similar problem that can recommend what worked for their LO? Thanks!

Re: Slimy Finger Foods

  • It's not uncommon for children to have aversions to certain textures.  Some kids also really hate to get their hands messy.  The best you can do is to keep offer it, in time he may willingly accept it.  I personally would also continue to offer those foods in puree form so he continues to taste it so that when he does come around to the texture he is already used to the taste.

    You can also try to roll such foods in bread crumbs, cracker crumbs, even crushed nuts to take away the slimy feel.


  • Yeah I was just gonna say, roll the food in cracker or bread crumbs! I have heard this works. 

    I wish my LO had an aversion to getting messy…. gosh almighty I sometimes HATE mealtime.  

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    I don't have any suggestions, but we have the same problem with my little one. I've tried most of the tricks people typically suggest like rolling the food in Cheerios dust, but still no luck!
  • I could have written this post, myself!  We are in the same boat, here at 12 months.  We just keep trying and hopefully one of these days she'll start to eat other things besides toast, waffles, puffs and cheerios.  I am so ready to be done with spoon feeding!  Good luck to you!
  • We have the same issue here. Anything that is wet or slimy, he will touch and then scrunch up his nose almost like it "tastes" bad even though he hasn't put it in his mouth. I just pick it up and put it in his mouth for him...I'll have to try the bread crumbs trick and see if it works.
  • Mine had a broken-up muffin and banana and strawberries yesterday. I think it's more of temperature for her. She didn't like cold broccoli (after it had been sitting on her tray) or fresh-from-the-bird turkey. She will eat turkey cold-cut though.
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