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Is Easter a big deal?

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Is Easter a big deal with your family?
At least, as you were growing up?
If it is/was, then WHY?

Is Easter a big deal? 21 votes

BIG DEAL!! Family get together every year - wall to wall people.
23% 5 votes
Semi Big Deal. Lots of commotion, people, egg hunts, church, always something going on...
28% 6 votes
Eh - egg hunt or church, or small family dinner of something special.
42% 9 votes
Huh? Easter. Just another day. Just say around watching TV.
4% 1 vote
What is this "Easter" you speak of?
0% 0 votes
SS - results or alternate response.
0% 0 votes

Re: Is Easter a big deal?

  • As a kid my grandmother insisted that the family get together for Easter. It was normally a weekend affair. We would go to my great grandmother's lake house and fish, have a fish fry, dye eggs, do egg hunts. Or we would stay at my grandmother's house and the women would cook a huge Sunday dinner.

    It was not really a religious holiday for us.
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  • When my mother's grandparents were alive it was a bigger deal. Now it's kind of chill. We will have brunch at a friend's tomorrow. I did end up buying LO a puzzle for tomorrow morning and we are doing an easter egg hunt...but those two things were also not going to happen at one point.

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  • Big family get together --egg hunts, church, dinner, tons of food, etc.

    Much the same as when I was younger. We used to go to my aunts house---but all else was about the same.
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  • Easter was never a BIG DEAL.

    I went to church as a kid, so my parents would come to service if I asked them. We did a little egg hunt at home, and maybe a ham dinner, but no family visiting.

    Currently, DH and I would prefer a quiet, just 'us' thing, but the ILs are excited for the babies' first Easter, Christmas etc. (I would think 2nd or 3rd of those would be better when LOs understand). Since they live so close, we are going over.

    We will do our thing in a few years. For now, we will keep the ILs happy, but eventually the kids will have other ideas.
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