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Good middle name for Helen

I can't really think of any good names that go well with Helen. Our last name starts with H so I wouldn't want a middle name that starts with H but that's the only restriction I have.

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    Helen was our baby boy's would-be girl name, and the middle name would have been Virginia. I think it goes well with long, flowery old names (Magnolia would work), or else a nice 2-syllable name with emphasis on the second (ie Marie).
  • Helen Louise
    Helen Mae
    Helen Rose
    Helen Joan
    Helen Kate

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  • Mine is Patricia!
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    My last name starts with an H also, and honestly, the same initial think sounds cheesy to me. There is a H.ailey Holdman (not her last name, but a variation) in our family and it just sounds weird. Helen isn't my style of name, but it certainly is a nice name. If you really want to use it, I would use a middle name that doesn't have a soft beginning like the H sound (no N, S, M, soft C or G, etc) so it stands out more when you say it all together and the focus is drawn away from the matching first and last name initials.



    Good luck!

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    Helen Aurora
    Helen Delilah
    Helen Noelle
    Helen Adair
    Helen Elise

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  • Helen Elizabeth
    Helen Rosalie
    Helen Rebecca
    Helen Olivia
    Helen Sophia
    Helen Christine
    Helen Marie
    Helen Faith
    Helen Isabelle

    Good luck! Helen is such a pretty choice .
  • Helen Celeste 
    Helen Alexandra 
    Helen Louisa 
    Helen Sophia 
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  • My great aunt was Helen Theresa, which I've always loved.
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  • Abigail, Avery, Barbara, Brianne, Charlotte, Camille, Cecile, Diane, Eve, Faith, Grace, Janine, Joan, Marie, Noreen, Ophelia, Quinn, Samantha, Shea, James, Therese, Veronica, Yvonne
  • Helen Brooke
    Helen Simone
    Helen Corinne
    Helen Gabrielle
    Helen Monique
    Helen Margaret
    Helen Rowena
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  • Helen Renee came to mind right away.

    Helen Colleen
    Helen Victoria
    Helen Camille
    Helen Justine
    Helen Christine

    I don't think anything is wrong with HH initials... I've made up a few scenarios, such as Helen Holmes, and it sounds fine to me (and that example also repeats the L sound in the middle!).
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