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Olive's birth story! PIP

So on Saturday night (40+2) I started having regular contractions and had some bloody show. I waited until Monday morning, after having lost a great deal of sleep to the pain, to call my midwife when I'd finally reached the guideline of 4 minutes apart lasting 1 minute each for 1 hour. Went into the birth centre only to get turned away when it turned out I was only 2 cm dilated and baby's head was not engaged. Was advised to go home and do some exercises off the spinningbabies website to try to move baby's head into my pelvis and get the party started.

So I did exactly that, and as the website stated, my uterus then seemed to take a little break and I finally had a nap while the contractions subsided. When they returned they were much stronger, longer, and extremely difficult to cope with, and by 10 pm they were 3 minutes apart and killing me. I headed back to the birth centre, confirmed I was definitely in active labour and baby's head had managed to start its way downward, and midwife was certain it was now go time.

Unfortunately my new and improved contractions made me violently ill and soon after arriving at the birth centre I started vomiting after every contraction. I tried to chew ice and take sips of water or juice but I would throw up more fluids every time than I had consumed. Within a few hours I was delirious from pain and sleep deprivation and dangerously dehydrated, labour was not progressing, and baby's head was still not sitting nearly low enough in my pelvis. She considered breaking my water after 7 hours, but because the head was so high there was a risk of cord prolapse from the force of a membrane break. Finally after eight hours and a few failed attempts to start an iv in my collapsed, dehydrated veins, she recommended hospital transfer. We rushed to the nearest hospital as I was already 8 cm dilated and barely able to be moved, and somehow survived the admissions process...it's all kind of a blur now to be honest.

At this point I was pretty over my hippie natural birth plan. I immediatedly started sucking back nitrous and ordered fentanyl in my iv (precious, fluid replenishing iv). The fentanyl wore off quickly though and the gas barely took the edge off, and they wanted to start pitocin to speed up and intensify my already-unbearable contractions, so I pretty quickly said to hell with it and got the epidural.

The next several hours were spent drifting in and out of sleep. Glorious. Bless you, epidural. Sorry I ever doubted you.

Labour still took forever. My fluid started leaking like crazy pretty early on but there was a bulge of membrane over my cervix that caused intense, agonizing pressure (even with the epidural) during every contraction, so an OB came and carefully ruptured it. Luckily there were no cord issues and it helped baby's head to move down further.

It was after 3pm on Tuesday when I was finally dilated to 10cm andbaby's head had fully engaged. Mercifully, I pushed her out in less than half an hour. Turned out she had been sunny side up the whole time, thus the troubles engaging. OB was impressed I managed to deliver her at all, much less pushing that quickly. Hooray for avoiding a c section, even if everything else was a disaster!

Baby Olive is beautiful despite her crazily moulded head :) we love her to death and she's nursing like a champ. So relieved to have my baby girl out safe!

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