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Cloth moms come in!

I bought some imagine prefolds to use until DS can fit into his one sizes. Well, it's so bulky and stiff feeling right now. Is there a way I can make them softer and easier to manipulate or is that just how they're supposed to be? Thanks. 
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Re: Cloth moms come in!

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    Have you washed/dryed them a lot? I haven't used Imagine brand, but I find that prefolds tend to fluff up after 5-10 washes.
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    No babe to try mine out on yet, but I did 7 wash, 4 dry cycles on my gmd and they are very soft. Maybe yours need a couple more cycles.
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    Time and laundry cycles (including dryer) will make them more pliable. I don't have experience with that particular brand, though.
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