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Eating not-so-healthy food at family's house

Hi all! It seems like most of the threads on this post are about exercise, but this is the best place I could think of to ask this question.

We eat at my in-laws' and at my parents' houses a few times a month each. Both sets of parents are in their 50's and we're raised on the typical home-cooked meal (cook everything with lots of butter and salt, only eat white bread and pasta, dump lots of sugar on the fruit, use processed foods like cream of chicken soup and velveeta for cooking, etc.) and so that's what they cook themselves.

I have been trying to eat healthier, especially since having my son 5 months ago, as I want to teach him healthy eating habits.

So for where I'm at, I feel stuck. I don't want to offend my in-laws or parents, and I don't expect them to completely change their cooking for me and my husband and son, but to be honest, I hate eating over there because I feel sick afterwards every time.

What would you guys do if you were in this situation? Would you just suck it up and eat the dinner they've so selflessly cooked (for which I am really thankful... I don't want to sound like I'm not), or would you try another approach to keep your healthy dieting goals?

Thanks! :)

Re: Eating not-so-healthy food at family's house

  • Thanks for the advice, ladies! Sometimes I wish everyone just ate well all the time! Such great ideas though; I'll be using them! :)
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  • I second offering to bring a salad or even a veggie side with you. If there is any push back, you could just be upfront about your person struggle with the baby weight etc, instead of making it seem like *they* have to change too. "Would you mind if I brought a green salad to share? It's so hard to avoid the temptations of comfort foods but I'm proud of the progress I've made so far!"

    The other thing you can do is eat a small high protein snack (almonds, cheese stick, hard boiled egg) before you go and just eat small portions of whatever they're serving. My ILs are similar, but we only see them a few times a year so it's much easier to deal. 
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  • You can also eat small portions and eat them slowly so a little lasts along time.
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