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A LOT of bleeding after an internal?

Went in to L&D this afternoon because after contractions off and on all day since 3 am they got intense later in the day. The PA did an internal and there was a ton of blood. They monitored me for a while and when they finally said they were sending me home because I am only in early labor I got up and there was a lot of blood on the stretcher, and then even more when I went to the bathroom.

She said it is okay and should taper off but it seems like a lot and I have not had this with any of my previous internals that my OB has done. Has this happened to anyone else and how long did it take to taper off?


Re: A LOT of bleeding after an internal?

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    I always bled for a few hours after my internals esp the one at the hospital when I went in for preterm labor within 12 hrs it calmed down
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    Have you actually spoken to your OB yet? If it's enough blood to worry you, i'd call them. Better safe than sorry!
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    @kseccomb17‌ - my OB is on vacation all week so I only have that PA at the hospital to deal with right now.


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    If it's from the internal it will most likely taper off and turn brown or pink, if it's ongoing bleeding then I'd call. I had a partial abruption with DS1, there was TONS of blood and huge clots. It wasn't possible to miss. But regardless if it stays red and/or continues I'd call or go in! Can you feel LO moving? Are you having contractions?
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