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We went this weekend to another couple's home for their son's 4th birthday party.  It's my husband's best friend.  Their son, currently has a PDD-NOS dx so it's always a little easier to interact with them in regards to visiting (you know- worrying if Chris is going to have a meltdown or what not).  We were, however, very surprised when we got there and another friend of theirs was there with his little boy - also with a PDD-NOS dx.  It's starting to be alarming how many of us there are out there.  Anyway, there were other kids there too and the kids got to doing whatever activity they liked best.  For Chris it was alternating between the bday boy's room and chalkboard to the kitchen with the refrigerator door covered in letter and number magnets.  

The theme was Cat In The Hat but nothing too overwhelming.  At one point, Chris was in the kitchen playing with straws.  He had a handful and would let them fall and count them as they landed on the floor.  The other little boy (not the bday boy) comes in and the LOOK on his face was the best.  He saw Chris and what he was doing and I swear if looks could speak, he had an "OMG, HE GETS IT!!!" moment.  Sheer joy at seeing someone else understand why dropping straws and counting them is so darn fascinating.  They proceeded to do that and laugh (together!) for the next five minutes.  

I know - probably not the most mainstream type of playing but for five minutes, those little boys connected - in their own way.  And it was so sweet to watch.

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Re: Cute moment

  • Yay! a connection is a connection. 
    As DD's ABA therapist would say, without prompting the 2 boys shared a game and had fun which is the first step to making friends so that is a really good thing. 
    And what they were playing wasn't that different from playing pick up sticks which is a 'typical' kids game.
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