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Good morning. I am 2 days past my due date and everyone says "oh you'll know when you're in labor you'll know" to be honest I don't know. It's my first child. I had abdominal soreness all night morning and I'm having contractions but it's hard to tell if they are active labor or Braxton hicks. My last appt was Friday he said he could barely reach my cervix and I wasn't even a cm dilated. The baby feels heavier and lower than ever but I'm not sure what to do. I've been walking around my apt and my back gets tight my pelvic bones and muscles feel tight. Someone help!!

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    MOST women especially FTM will know because the ctx are completely different. In MOST cases if you have to ask if they're BH or the real deal then it isn't the real deal. But that being said I have no way to tell if you're in labor so your best bet is to start timing whatever it is you think is a contraction and then call your OB at whatever given time frame you were told to call.

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    You'll have to wait it out until you do know for sure. And trust me, you will. It sounds like your cervix may be in the process of softening and dilating, and it doesn't matter if you're locked up tight one day, going from 0-3cm could just take a matter of hours! Relax and start paying attention to timing once your contractions develop an even pattern.

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    Call your dr if you're concerned. And I know it's hard to understand now, but you'll get the whole "oh, you'll know the difference" when it's happening. There's absolutely NO mistaking the real deal from BH. Contractions hurt. A lot. Good luck!
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    I was 7cm when I got to the hospital and the contractions didn't start hurting until after I took a shower...as soon as I got out I had a strong contraction that was unmistakable alerting me it was time to go. Try doing the same (shower) if you can manage and see what that does.
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