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Any one out there like me?!

I cant help by cry over EVERYTHING! I dont even know half the time why I am so weepy! I just am so sensitive! My poor poor hubby prob thinks I belong in the looney bin! Only 5 and a half weeks! So crazy how my little appleseed can have this much of an effect on me!

Re: Any one out there like me?!

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    Ha! I thought this was going to be a "doesn't anyone like me" whiny post by the way the title was phrased. That said, I'm not emotional yet but I'm sure it will come! I'm very newly pregnant and I'm hoping for symptoms soon... I'm an AL mom and I hate the first few weeks and even months. Can have some of everyone else's symptoms? :)

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    I also cry over nothing! I read posts in the morning when my husband isn't home because I cry about all of them. From sad news someone is having a tough time to happy news of another lucky person joining our group. Glad I am not the only one. That seems to be my only symptom so far.
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    Don't worry, I almost cried over cream cheese yesterday. It was fat free and looked weird and all I wanted was a bagel.
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    I started weeping 3 or 4 days before I even found out. I thought it was just PMS. I'm now 6w5d and I'm pretty sure I've cried every single day since then! Not many other symptoms but man those tears can come out of nowhere!
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    Last night in bed H and I were talking, and man did those pregnancy hormones hit me. We were talking about our two year old and u just started bawling. He of course laughed because he's seen it before, but him laughing made me cry more.

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    I cried over chocolate last night (hubby ate the majority of the box (5 out of 6 pieces)).
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    Yeah, not so weepy at this point. More like extra feisty.

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    I'm def weepy.  Sometimes it happens in public places and I have to pretend I have allergies.  Horrible.
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    Not all the time but I did get a little weepy when the foster kids from Batman got that mansion :((
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    @soxfan777 - you can have my irritability and fatigue  (that's really all I got to share)

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