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@irisheyez7 is being induced!!! Baby girl is here and named!!!!!!

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Mama is due to check into the hospital at 6:00pm Chicago time (central I think!?!?)

I haven't heard from mama or papa yet, but let's send good labor vibes, and hope this little overdue stinker comes quickly!!

Lots of luck mama!!!

Here's what we know so far:
Still only 1cm and 80% thinned out. Can't start Pit yet so she's getting Cervidal for the next 12 hours. Get some rest mama!!

Just heard from Mama. Started Pit about 45 minutes ago. She's at a 3 now and contractions are about 4 minutes apart! Just called for the epi! Come on little girl!!

Baby Girl pope is here! Name to come...... Amelia Rose
Born at 2:47 pm
7lb 11oz 20 inches long
Mama had her epi turned off while she pushed so she felt everything!

Way to go mama I'm so proud of you!!







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Re: @irisheyez7 is being induced!!! Baby girl is here and named!!!!!!

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