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Woo hoo!!

I never thought I'd be so happy to stare at my feet. After 4 months of severe cankles, I officially now have 1 normal looking ankle/ foot. The right one is still pretty gnarly but my left is looking fabulously normal again as of today. Just thought I'd share.

Re: Woo hoo!!

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    I can't imagine how good that must feel! My feet are so swollen they have taken on a purplish hue.
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    MrsW26 said:

    Haha awesome. My right looks semi normal today and the left is coming along. Toes also no longer look like mini sausages. Flip flops are in the near future!

    Wow, I thought my feet were swollen because I now can only wear flip flops! Too swollen for flip flops!!?? Your poor feet. :o

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    So jealous! Mine scare me a bit. Cannot wait for my feet to get back to normal :)
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