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Mom vs ceiling fan

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  • We don't have one at our house, and we aren't getting one, I want all the love! ;)
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  • The ceiling fan always wins.
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  • Yup ceiling fan wins in our house too. We named her Fanny




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  • Ceiling fan wins here too.
  • Ceiling fan wins at Grammy and Grampys house! None at our house!
  • I named ours Frank. He is LO's bestest friend ever. I only win sometimes because boobs. ;)
  • My DH and I found this hilarious! We always think LO is looking at us, but nope, it's the fan.
  • I thought I asked this question, but it don't see it anwhere so maybe it didn't post. Sorry in advance if I asked this twice. My LO is two months old and loves the fan, but according to Dr. Google he can only see up to 18 inches away. How is he so enamored with an object that is over 4 feet away?
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    @jpoindahouse - I think they can focus up to the 18", but the ceiling fan can be very interesting without focus. It's a flashing of light and shadows, and with it's size, it's big enough to hold interest at that distance. 
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