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Am I off my rocker?

So I just planned a shopping trip with my BFF for the 18th. That is 11 days before my EDD and only 2 days before my original EDD. We will be almost 3 hours away from the hospital. FTM so I wasn't worried when I planned it but now that I'm thinking about it, should I cancel?
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Re: Am I off my rocker?

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    As a FTM chances of labor hitting like a freight train out of nowhere are extremely slim. I'd go, but make sure you know where a hospital is around where you are just in case. Or run it by your care provider.
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    Enjoy your shopping trip
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    No, just go. If you don't you'll just be sitting around all day pissed off that you missed your last peaceful shopping trip with your best friend. Besides, the walking may be helpful.

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    Is she ok driving you if you do have a fast onset labor when you're out? If so enjoy. If not then maybe go somewhere closer to you!
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    I'm two weeks until due. Going on a 5 hour train ride 3 hours away tonight, and going away for a babymoon soon. Crazy? Maybe. But LO's given me no signs she's planning on coming out soon.
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    Go. Just know where a hospital is. I'm due in 2 days and still go an hour or two away to do things. If I didn't feel so grumpy today we would have gone hiking 2 hours away. Typically, ftm's go later and/or have longer labor. Have fun!!

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