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Hubby has the stomach flu and baby is due any day now. I feel like I keep trying to wash disinfect everything but he's not getting better :( I'm so worried about bringing baby home to germs

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    My husband has been sick for the past two weeks. We just had baby Tuesday, i haven't been worried about as as he has. He barely holds her so that he doesn't have to breathe on her. It's been really fun. I think the babies will be fine. Don't drive your self crazy trying to disinfect every nook and cranny.
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    My DH has been sick all week and baby is due Monday. There's not much you can do but ride it out. Don't stress too much, it'll all work out. I wouldn't clean too much until he's feeling better.

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    DS has been sick with a horrible cough all week. We are currently at the pediatrician's office for the 2nd time because no one is sleeping at night due to his coughing. I am hoping he can get better before LO arrives, mostly because I am not sure my dad is equipped to handle a sick kiddo while we are at the hospital and I want DS to be able to come to the hospital to visit his little sister.

    I am also worried about the baby of course, but I know she will get some immunity from me so she should be ok.


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    We are dealing with the same thing in our house--DH got a stomach bug last Tuesday and I got it on Thursday. We are both feeling better but know that we can still be contagious for up to two weeks and I am due Tuesday. I'm hoping my breast milk is enough to protect our little one, as well as careful hand washing and sanitizing. It's stressful but what can you do? Baby is going to come when baby is going to come and all you can really do is your best to make the environment as safe as possible, but that can't always be 100% perfect. So hopefully our little ones are resilient to the germs!
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