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I went to my 38wk appt on Friday (4/4) at noon my dr checked me & asked if she could strip my membranes. I told her sure why not, since I was already scheduled to be induced on Wednesday (4/9) due to high bp, headaches & swelling. When she was through she said she didn't think I would make it to Weds since I was 3cm & 90%. When I was leaving she told me "I'm on call this wknd, so I'll see you tmrw!" I was hoping to go into labor on my own anyways instead of being induced, especially since my drs were going to be out of town at a conference all this week & I would have been delivered by someone I didn't know. 

So I went on about my day, stopped at Target to walk around a bit & grabbed some last minute things just in case baby decided to show up that wknd. When I got home I really got into nesting mode & was running around the house like a mad woman. By 3pm I started feeling some contractions but they were pretty dull & irregular. DH got home around 6:30 & the contractions were getting painful, I started timing them by then & they were coming every 6-7mins. I ended up going out to dinner with my aunt to have a nice italian meal. :) She dropped me off around 10, we were in L&D by 11. I saw the resident a few times, she checked me once an hour & around 1am she was trying to send me home to "ride it out" since there was no change to my cervix, but I refused to leave because I was in pain. She said "Okay I'll be back in about an hour to check you again."

I was coming back from the bathroom around 2:30am & as I was getting back in bed I said "I think my water just broke" to the nurse & she said okay let me look. Without a doubt it definitely broke, before she got over to me I said "Yep, my water broke" LOL! So then I told DH we weren't going anywhere & they started to fully admit me. I got moved from a triage room to a birthing room around 5 or so, it was all a blur since the contractions got stronger after my water broke, but by then I was begging for the epidural & at 4cm. The anesthesiologist came in around 6 & I was in heaven after that! By 8:30 they checked me again & I was at a 9!!!!!! But it wasn't time to do anything yet, the dr just wanted me to labor him down since they were about to head in for a c-section & then deliver another lady down the hall. 

By 12pm I couldn't take anymore of the pressure & wanted to start pushing. So excited & just ready to get this over with, I pushed & pushed my hardest with every ounce of everything I had........ for 4 hours. I tried every position they wanted.. on my side, on all 4s & they even installed a bar for me to prop my feet up on (not stirrups tho). I thought we were almost there when the nurse asked if I wanted a mirror because she could see some progress, but still nothing was happening, his head wouldn't come down any further because he was face up. Dr came in & said she would give me another 30mins of pushing or it was c-section time because every push/contraction his heart rate dropped or we could stop now to prep for surgery. I decided to just go ahead & prep for the OR. DH was such an amazing coach & cheerleader, he broke down in tears when we made the decision but even the dr said if I had gone on for the 30mins we ran a major risk of it being emergency & I knew I didn't want that at all. 

The anesthesiologist came back to turn up the epi but for whatever reason it wasn't working I could feel almost everything he tested before going into the OR. He tried again & then when it didn't work said we would a spinal block once I got in there. They wheeled me back & I rolled onto the table and onto my side so he could do the block. They started before even bringing my DH back, I asked the nurse at my head if they had started already & he said oh yeah so I started asking where my husband was, luckily he was just walking in. I didn't really know what to expect during the surgery, I knew I would feel pressure & how they do it but it didn't prepare me for what happened..... I started feeling pain. 

My little Logan Timothy was born on Saturday 4/5 (38w3d) at 4:31pm, weighing in at 7lbs 14.8oz & 20 ½ inches long!!!! After they did all their checks on him DH was able to hold him & bring him over to me. They were taking him out to the nursery & I told DH to go with him. By that time I was yelling because I was feeling a whole lot of intense pain, they kept giving me fetanyl but it didn't help. Next thing I knew I woke up in recovery because they had knocked me out. No matter how crazy the whole thing went, once our son was here nothing else mattered!!!!! 
NTNP 11/2011 CP 11/29/12 BFP 8/6/13 EDD 4/16/14 ♥ 
Logan Timothy - Born 4/5/14 @ 38w3d, 7lbs14.8oz, 20½in.
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