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J&NL's birth story!

My contractions began after my Drs appt on Tuesday but they were very mild and irregular. Then around 11pm that night they grew stronger and closer together. They were still about 10 mins apart so I wasn't sure if it was the real deal or not. Around 2:30 they got closer together, I called my doula and woke up DH to let him know what was going on.

Fast forward to about 11 the next morning, my doula came over when I told her my contractions were regular, getting stronger and I was feeling some pressure on my bottom. That's when everything went crazy. After I took a bath with a few drops of lavender EO, I went into transition unexpectedly (my doula believes it was because the bath helped my body relax enough to let it dilate), felt a huge amount of pressure and all hell broke loose. We finally made it after the longest, most excruciating 30 minute drive to the hospital. By the time we got up to L&D, I was already complete and ready to push! They broke my water, after 3 contractions and 6-7 pushes later, he was born!

It was the craziest and challenging experience of my life. I didn't plan to labor at home for so long and honestly the contractions weren't as bad as I expected until I hit transition so that's why we waited for so long. I'm glad I didn't even write a birth plan because nothing I planned happened. Lol! I'm doing great. I didn't tear, thank god, and I have so much energy. It's amazing how different I feel from when I had DD. Even though it was extremely painful, I don't regret going med-free because I feel great.

Anyways, that's how he entered the world! He is absolutely perfect. He is such a chunker. He latched on perfect right from the start and it seems like he's always looking for the boob so we've spent a lot of time BFing. Sorry for the novel! :) Thank you everyone for the kind words.
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