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MWOB- swaddle?

Have you ladies been swaddling baby? I have been at night but last night he was really fighting it! Right now he is napping so nicely without a swaddle, but it's daytime so I have a blanket on him, which I won't do at night. Do you swaddle for naps and bedtime? Do you use a special Velcro swaddler or just blankets? I tried swaddling with his arms out last night but at his next wake up, his little hands were so cold!

With my son, I always double swaddled using a stretchy blanket and then an A&A blanket...but this little guy doesn't seem to like it!

What works for you ladies?
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Re: MWOB- swaddle?

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    I was thinking about this today.... I have been swaddling my LO every night. My favorite is actually the one I got from the hospital! Its a fleece velcro.

    Anyway, she sleeps in a bassinet at night in her swaddler and during the day naps in her rock n play with no swaddle. I feel like at night when swaddled she makes alot more noise, when she is napping sans-swaddle she naps pretty quietly. I am wondering if I should try not swaddling at night?? Her little noises always wake us up, just stirring and cooing. 

    I too have some swaddlers that leave the hands out. My LO wears undershirts with the foldable ends so her hands are covered...maybe do that so your LO's hands are warmer?
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    We swaddled and then when she became Houdini started using Woombies.
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    We swaddle at night to avoid startle reflex wake ups and for warmth. With DD she was an early Houdini and we had to use the miracle blanket from day 1 (which worked amazing!!). So far with DS we've been able to just use the Velcro swaddle wraps. Much easier for changing in the middle of the night and he hasn't escaped yet!
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    We have a Velcro swaddle bag that's fleece, but since it was warm yesterday/today I moved to the halo sleep sacks- it's a sleep bag with a zip front & extra flap that gel row if you want to swaddle the arms.
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    Not swaddling works best for us. This baby will not be swaddled either.
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