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High Risk Moms & Sonograms

Hey Ladies,

I have been seeing both my regular OB and a high risk OB since I was 4 months. My high-risk OB had me coming every 3 weeks for growth sonograms. At my 39 week appointment (last week) the high risk doctor told me I had to come every week for a sonogram and NST until I have the baby. My regular OB said to cancel my remaining appointments since my BP is fine, the baby's heart rate is fine and he doesn't see the need for me to see both him and the high-risk OB.

Have any other high risk moms had to do this?? At this point I feel that weekly sonograms seem a bit much especially since my regular OB thinks I will be fine.

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    I suppose it would depend on what exactly makes you a high risk patient, but I would mostly just trust my OB/perinatologist. I had the same care (growth u/s every 3 weeks once I was 20 weeks along) due to a previous premature birth at 29 weeks as a result of pre-eclampsia and HELLP. 

    What they did with me was actually the opposite though. Once I was 34 weeks and nothing seemed amiss my OB told me that I would probably be fine without continuing the high risk care as long as I was comfortable with it and that I could refer back to a perinatologist if anything came up that caused concern. I chose to agree and I stopped scheduling regular ultrasounds. My pregnancy has remained pretty textbook simple since then (knock on wood). 

    That being said my risk was just for pre-e which is a pregnancy by pregnancy thing. Either I have it or I don't in any given pregnancy, so it's not like I have an existing condition that would make any and every pregnancy more complicated. What's your reason for being high risk if you don't mind me asking?
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    I had to get sonos weekly the last 6 weeks with all 3 of mine . I was high risk due to pre-existing high BP.
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    High risk due to incompetent cervix here. My OB is already a high-risk specialist so no need for 2 separate doctors. I have been seen every 2 weeks from the beginning. Permanent cerclage placed at 12-13 weeks.  We've had extra ultrasounds to watch that cervix more so than the baby, but we're pretty done with that now as I'm 37+6 today.  Getting weekly checks now and waiting either for our scheduled c-section on the 24th or...possibly earlier! 
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    Mine is having me go in twice a week for monitoring now. Mostly due to recent high blood pressure readings and the baby being breech. I thought it was excessive at first, but by now I'm so ready to be done with this pregnancy that it's just an extra chance that they'll do my C-section that day lol! Plus, baby has decreased his movement so it is reassuring to see him in there moving around. I would definitely trust your high risk specialist at this point--that is why you're seeing a high risk specialist anyway, right?
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    I'm high risk because the baby has a heart arrhythmia. I do weekly NSTs, ultrasounds, and fetal echos. My regular OB transferred all my care to the high risk ob because that is who will be delivering me. At this point I was seeing the high risk Dr so much that I feel more comfortable with him anyways.
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