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moving to Pembroke Pines/Miramar area

Hello all - my husband and I are relocating to South Florida this coming June.  He will be working at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, and Memorial West Hospital in Miramar.  I'll be working at the University of Miami.  We were thinking that the Pembroke Pines and/or Miramar areas would be good for us (he has to be fewer than 20 minutes from work, whereas I can commute a little).  We have a 14 month old son, and I just found out I'm PG with baby #2.  It is very early, but if all goes smoothly I'll be due mid-December.  I was wondering if anyone here can share info about the area and resources for families with kids?  I really want to know about day cares and nannies in the area, and would be happy to hear any recommendations or tips on hunting for child care.  Thank you!
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Re: moving to Pembroke Pines/Miramar area

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    Hi there - I actually live in the Pembroke Pines area and agree that this would be a great area for your family.  It will be quite a hike for you (going to UM) with traffic, but I think that will be the case wherever you are unless you lived near UM.  Of course if you wanted to live closer to I-95, I would also suggest the area of Plantation.  Just be sure that for both towns, you check out the schools in the area, which is a good indication of the neighborhood as there are good, better, and best areas in these towns.  If you choose Miramar, I would strongly suggest "West Miramar."  Let me know if I can be of any other assistance.
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